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Writing Camp

Year 1 and Year 2

A summer full of activities to get your child's hands moving and games to promote writing.

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Are you looking for ways to keep your child's handwriting skills fresh over the summer?

You know that feeling when you haven't written for ages and then you pick up a pen? Writing Club is designed to stop our children from feeling that ache when they head back to school in September.

Fun activities and challenges using objects such as coins, pegs and paper plates will keep your child's hands moving. There are also printable games to encourage to promote writing. 

Why did you create the Writing Camp?

I had been doing the Handwriting Club with my youngest and noticed a massive difference in his writing. He is happier to pick up a pencil and his writing is easier to read. 

I wanted to keep these skills fresh over the summer without making it feel like school work or a chore and I wanted us both to have fun. The fine motor skills activities have been a massive hit especially when we compete to see who is the fastest!


What is included?

There are 36 quick and easy games to develop fine motor skills and get your child's hands moving. These games use objects such as coins, pegs, paper cups, paper plates, pom-poms and dice. 

Each game has a short video to show how to do each challenge and some information to explain what skills are being developed. 

There are 18 printable writing games which are designed to get your child writing without it feeling like a chore! The games can be downloaded as a printable pdf or you can look at them on your device and use a blank piece of paper to play. 

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Where will I find the activities?

The activities, videos and downloads are all available on the app and the website or you can download them as a pdf file with QR codes to access the videos.

How long will the activities take to complete?

The aim of the fine motor challenges is to complete them as quickly as possible! Each activity only takes a minute or so. We got quite competitive and ended up playing for a lot longer to see if we could beat each other's times!

The writing games are also designed to be quick activities to keep your child's attention. 

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I'm Anna and I have a degree in Primary Education and 16 years of teaching experience. During lockdown, I became a teacher to my own two children and shared the learning we did together on my Instagram account which has grown to over 50K followers.

I set up Mini Writers Club to share activities, tips and resources to help you support your child at home with phonics, reading and writing.

When I'm not busy working on Mini Writers Club, you can find me playing card games in my garden or trying to get to the bottom of the laundry pile!

About Me

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