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What's in the Phonics Box?

The Phonics Box is full of resources to help support your child with reading, spelling and writing and the website is full of ways to use them! The Phonics Box is aimed at children starting school to support their learning at home. 


The Phonics Box includes a set of flashcards. You can choose whether to add the Reception pack which covers Phases 2-4, the Year 1 pack which covers Phase 5 or both sets. 

The flashcards are colour coded and contain a guide to explain the colours.  Each phase is a different colour to help you find the cards you need to support your child. 

The sound cards have a sound button (dot) if one letter is making the sound and a line if two/three letters are making one sound (digraph/trigraph). 

The high frequency words are also colour coded so you know which phase they are taught in. A stripe along the bottom shows they can be sounded out whereas the solid background shows that they are tricky words which cannot be sounded out. Children need to recognise tricky words by sight. 

Pre-Cursive Dry Wipe Board.jpg

Standard Board

Pre-Cursive Board

The dry wipe board is available in standard print or pre-cursive. You can select the board you would like or add both boards for an additional cost. These boards show how to form letters correctly on one side and are blank on the other side so that your child can write or draw. 

A dry wipe pen and rubber are also included in the Phonics Box.


Magnetic Letters

Cotton Bag

The Phonics Box comes with 31 magnetic letters which are made from foam. The set contains blue consonants and two sets of red vowels. This helps children to make VC words (vowel consonant) and CVC words (consonant vowel consonant). 

The magnetic letters come in a cotton bag which can also be used as a feely bag. 


Phoneme frames can be used to support reading. Before children recognise letters, place one counter in each boxes to represent the sounds. Say the sound as you tap the counter then blend them together to make the word. When children are ready, place magnetic letters in the boxes instead. They can also be used to support spelling. As you sound out a word, place one sound in each box e.g. f-i-sh. When children are ready to write they can use the dry wipe pen to write on the phoneme frame. 

Phoneme Frame & Counters

Pre-Cursive Dry Wipe Board.jpg

The Phonics Box includes a beanbag which can be used to play some phonics games.


All of the resources come in a storage box so you can keep them all together so they are ready to use. The box is made from sturdy plastic and came be used as an activity tray. Hide words in sand, press magnetic letters into sand or flour to leave prints, write in salt or flour with your finger or float milk bottle sounds in water. The possibilities are endless. 


Storage Box

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