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Pre-Writers Club: Nursery

The Pre-Writers Club is full of play ideas that have been planned by an Early Years Teacher. The activities develop pre-writing skills, pre-reading skills and early maths skills and follow the age related expectations for nursery. Activity guides explains what you will need, how to do the activity and the skills that are being developed.


Each unit is based around a nursery rhyme and links to one of the pre-writing shapes. Once purchased, you have unlimited access to that unit. 

Phonics Camp - Reception

Phonics Camp is designed to support Reception children over the summer holidays as they get ready for Year 1. It recaps what they have been taught in Reception. There are 30 videos, activities and craft ideas to support Phases 3 and 4 all based around a camping theme.

If your child is in Reception, you can still use the Phonics Camp resources during the school year. They don't include any Phase 2 sounds so are best for when your child has completed Phase 2 and is starting to blend words to read. 


Sign up below then click on Pre-writers Club or Phonics Camp in the menu to access the resources. 


Pre-Writers Club
£8 per unit or £30 for access to Units 1-5.