Mini Writers Club Subscription

This monthly subscription gives you access to all of the membership areas. 

It is paid monthly and can be cancelled at any point. 

Pre-Writers Club: Nursery

The Pre-Writers Club is full of play ideas that have been planned by an Early Years Teacher. The activities develop pre-writing skills, pre-reading skills and early maths skills and follow the age related expectations for nursery. Activity guides explains what you will need, how to do the activity and the skills that are being developed.


Every month a new theme is added which is based around a nursery rhyme. New activities are added every week. 

Phonics Club: Reception - Year 1

This area contains Phase 2-5 sounds in the order they are taught. Each page has list of words containing the sound and a list of tricky words for each phase. Many of the sounds have activity ideas to help teach the sound. This area is currently free to access during Lockdown.

Spelling Club: Reception - Year 1

This area is currently under construction. It contains fun activity ideas to help learn spellings. The themed weeks are a great way to practice weekly spellings that are sent home from school. There are lots of quick activity ideas too. New activities will be added each month. 

Phonics Camp - Reception

Phonics Camp is designed to support Reception children over the summer holidays as they get ready for Year 1. It recaps what they have been taught in Reception. There are 30 videos, activities and craft ideas to support Phases 3 and 4 all based around a camping theme.

If your child is in Reception, you can still use the Phonics Camp resources during the school year. They don't include any Phase 2 sounds so are best for when your child has completed Phase 2 and is starting to blend words to read. 

Terms and Conditions

The Mini Writers Club subscription is £10 per month after the 3 day free trial.

Payments begin automatically after the free trial ends.

The free trial is only available once per person with their first purchase of this plan.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by logging into your account in the 'My Subscriptions' section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out?

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can cancel in the 'My subscriptions' page when you log in to the website or via your Paypal account.

What do I need?

At the top of each activity there is kit list with a suggested list of household items and other items that would be useful for the activity. You will not need a printer for the pre-writers club but there are printable activities in the Phonics Camp section. 

Do I get access to all of the units?

You get access to all of the units while you are subscribed. New activities are added each month. 

What age is it suitable for?

Pre-Writers Club:

The activities are based upon the 30-50 month and 40-60+ months statements used by nurseries and schools. They are all activities that I have done with my 3 year old son and that I would use in a nursery classroom. My 6 year old has enjoyed the activities too and there are some suggestions about ways to extend some of the activities. 

Spelling Club:

These activities are aimed at school aged children. 

Phonics Club:

Phase 2 - 4 is taught in Reception. 

Phase 5 is taught in Year One. 

Some children may continue with Phases 2-4 when they go into Year 1. 

Phonics Camp:

Children that are working on Phase 3 and 4 phonics. 

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