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BAM - Fun Flashcard Game

BAM is a quick-paced reading game designed to revisit and practise words or sounds that children have already been taught.

Choose a selection of cards to play with and place them in a pile facing the same way. Turn one of the cards over and add it to the middle of the pile so that it is facing in the opposite direction.

Hold the cards up for the other player to read. Once they have read the card place it on the table. You can make two piles, one for the sounds/words that your child can read independently and a second pile for any cards that they needed support to read.

Keep playing, asking your child to read the cards until they see the card that is facing the wrong way. Who can shout BAM the quickest? Count how many cards they read then swap roles.

Let your child sort and shuffle the cards for your turn. My daughter didn’t want me to win so she put the BAM card near the front for my turn. She thought it was hilarious!

You can take turns playing this game and use a scoreboard (give players a point for every card they read correctly) or you can play for fun.


If there are any words your child finds tricky to read keep them in a separate pile when you place them on the table. Then you can make a note of any words to practise.



Year 1:

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