BAM - Fun Flashcard Game

I shared this game during my live phonics session on the Dads Net Facebook page. I had so many messages afterwards to say how much people enjoyed it and that they had played again, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen.

BAM is designed to be a quick pace reading game to practise words or sounds that children have already been taught. We teach children lots of sounds and words during Reception so we start every phonics session with a quick activity to help remember them.

You can play BAM using the sound cards, high frequency words (can be sounded out) or tricky words (can’t be sounded out) from the Mini Writers Club Flashcard pack. If you don’t have flashcards you could write the words onto pieces of paper or lollipop sticks.

At home, I like to take it in turns to play this game and use a score board. Children love trying to beat adults and it helps to get them engaged.

Choose a selection of cards to play with and place them face up. Pick one card to turn over so that it is face down then shuffle the cards making sure the first card is face up.

Hold the cards up for the other player to read. They get a point for every card they read correctly. When the see the card that is back to front, you both shout BAM and their go is over! Count how many cards they read then swap roles.

Let your child sort and shuffle the cards for your turn. Sophie didn’t want me to win so she put the BAM card near the front for my second turn. She thought it was hilarious! Practising reading words doesn’t have to be boring! Look at that smile!

If you have a go at playing BAM and share any photos on social media tag me in them and let me know how you get on.


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