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How to pronounce the phonemes (sounds).

I can still remember my first-ever phonics course over 15 years ago. The course leader wrote groups of 2/3 letters on the board and asked us if we knew what sounds they made. I had no idea what sounds letters made because I had never been taught it at school. I remember thinking please don't pick me and wondering how I would teach Phonics to children?!

During the Phonics Screening Check your child will be asked to read words containing sounds from Phases 2, 3 and 5. Here are some videos to show you how to pronounce the sounds so you know how to help your child learn them.

Children learn digraphs (two letters) may look different but sound the same.

Children learn digraphs (two letters) and trigraphs (three letters) where the letters work together to make a new sound.

Children learn single-letter sounds and some digraphs (two letters making one sound).


Reception Sounds

Year 1 Sounds


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