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Magic Wands

Children in nursery will be learning to:

  • Take part in simple pretend play, using an object to represent something else (Expressive Arts and Design)

Children in reception will be learning to:

  • Form lower-case and capital letters correctly. (Literacy)

What you need:

  • A kitchen roll tube

  • Felt tip pens/paint

  • Embellishments e.g. stickers and washi tape.

Use the pens and embellishments to turn the kitchen roll tube into a magic wand.

As your child decorates the tube, show them the letter a. Can they remember the sound it makes? Remind them of the magic spell a-a-a-abracadabra.


Pincer Grip – Peeling the stickers help children to practise the action that is necessary for holding and manipulating a pencil. If you are using a sheet of stickers, you can peel the backing off the sheet to make it easier for children to peel the stickers by themselves.

Say it and write it

Say a-a-a-abracadabra as your use the magic wand to draw an a in the air. Make sure to start at the top, move the wand in an anticlockwise direction to form a circle then move their wand down.

Top Tips:

Letter Formation - Letter formation is the ability to form the letters of the alphabet correctly. It is important to teach the correct letter formation as we introduce letters as it can be difficult to correct later on when habits have formed. By showing children the starting positions of the letters it helps with orientation, handwriting speed and fluency later on.

Keep your magic wand safe so that you can use it to do some magic tricks!

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media I would love to see them. Please tag @miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on.


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