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Onset & Rime Fireworks - Blending Activity

If your child is finding blending a bit tricky, focusing on onset and rime can be a great way to make it a little easier. This firework activity is a fun way to practise blending the two parts of the word together.

onset = consonant sound before the first vowel

rime = the first vowel and the rest of the letters


pop = pop

crack = cr ack

Tie a knot in an uninflated balloon and then cut the top off it. Tape the balloon to the end of the toilet roll tube. Decorate the tube with washi tape or stickers. This is a great way to develop the fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil.

Fill the tube with pom poms. Say the onset of the word as you pull the balloon back then say the rime as you let go. Blend the onset and the rime to make the word.

Play again using different firework sounds.


whizz (wh-izz)

bang (b-ang)

fizz (f-izz)

crash (cr-ash)

boom (b-oom)

Head to the Pre-Readers Club for more onset and rime activities.

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