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p - letters in the post

Phase 2 - s, a, t, p

HFW: a, as, at

This activity is a great way to get your child to blend sounds to read words and to encourage them to find the letters needed to spell the words.

Add some of the Phase 2 word flashcards that are made up of the letters s, a, t, p into envelopes.

You could use the following flashcards:

a, as, at from the Phase 2-4 pack or sat, tap, sap and pat from the Phase 2 words and captions pack.

Put the magnetic letters s, a, t and p on the table with a post box. I bought this wooden postbox from Poundland but you could make one out of a cardboard box. The magnetic letters are from the Phonics Box Kit.


Open the envelopes and take out the flashcard. Help your child to sound out each letter and blend them together to read the word.

Can they find the magnetic letters needed to make the word? Put the letters in the correct order to make the word. Then put the letters in the envelope and post them in the post box.

NB: The word as is classed as a decodable high-frequency word. The sound represented by s in as is said in the same way as a z. If your child finds this word tricky to sound, model it with the s making a z sound and then teach it as a sight word where we remember the s is the tricky part that we need to remember.


Cover the word card and see if they can use the magnetic letters to spell the word without looking. Encourage your child to say the whole word e.g. pat then break it into sounds e.g. p-a-t.

Leave blank pieces of paper, cards, envelopes, pens, pencils or crayons next to the post box as an invitation to play. Your child could write and send letters, birthday cards, party invitations etc. At this stage, they might just make marks or letter-like symbols on the page.


Magnetic letters are included in the Phonics Box.


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