Phase 4 - Spelling CVCC words

A CVCC word is made from a consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant.

During phase 4 children segment to spell CVCC words.

We pressed magnetic letters into kinetic sand to make CVCC words. I said the word ‘sand’ then sounded it out s-a-n-d, slightly accentuating the third sound because this is the sound that children sometimes find tricky to hear. I sounded it out again pressing the letters into the sand as I said them.

I chose different CVCC words and Sophie segmented the sounds and used the magnetic letters to make them.

If your child writes jup for jump, add four sound buttons to help them to remember to say four sounds.

You could also remove the letters to leave an imprint in the kinetic sand. Let your children practise putting the letters in order saying each of the sounds as they do.

Here are some other words you could use:

Phase 2 sounds: went, help, just, tent, belt, lamp, lost, melt.

Phase 3 sounds:

tenth (t-e-n-th)

chimp (ch-i-m-p)

bench (b-e-n-ch)

shift (sh-i-f-t)

joint (j-oi-n-t)

boost (b-oo-s-t)

roast (r-oa-st)

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media I would love to see photos of it in action. Please tag @miniwritersclub and use #miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on.


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