Phase 5a: ou - Sound it Out

This game is a great way to introduce the new graphemes in Phase 5a. Graphemes are the letters that are used to represent the sound. In Phase 5a the graphemes are a new way to represent some of the sounds they learnt during phases 2 and 3.

Start by looing at the phase 3 ow card and the phase 5 ou card. Remind your child that they make the same sound but look different.

For this activity I wrote some words on post it notes. I happened to have flowers shapes which worked well with the sound! I picked a word and sound talked it e.g. s-ou-n-d. I asked Sophie to make a sound with the instrument when she heard the ou sound. Then Sophie picked a word and as she sounded it out, she made a sound with the instrument for every sound in the word e.g. for clown she banged the instrument five times (c-l-ow-n) because the o and w work together to make one sound.

⁣⁣Then we played a game to see who could win the most words. We placed the words face down in a pile and took it in turns to pick one and read it. If It had ou in I won it but if it had ow Sophie won it. ⁣

Words you could use:⁣

Phase 3 words: now, down, owl, cow, how, town.⁣

Phase 4 words: clown, growl, brown, crown.⁣

Phase 5: cloud, found, sound, loud, found, sprout, proud.

The activity in this blog post can be adapted and used with any sound that your child is learning. Alternative sounds and words can be found on the Phonics Club page.

If you have a go at this activities and share any photos on social media please tag @miniwritersclub and use #miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on.


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