Sandy Spellings

What you need:

Press magnetic letters into the sand to make the words on your child's spelling list. If the words can be sounded out, get them to press the letters into the sand as they sound out the word.


  • Only put out the letters needed to spell the word so your child can focus on getting them in the correct order.

  • Press the letters into the sand and remove them to leave an imprint. Let your children practise putting the letters on top of the imprints saying each of the sounds as they do.

  • Make sound buttons/lines in the sand. If there is a dot they know they only need to add one letter but if they see a line they will know they need to add a digraph/trigraph where 2/3 letters make one sound.


  • Put all of the magnetic letters out in alphabetically order so that your child has to choose the correct ones.

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media I would love to see them. Please tag @miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on.


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