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The Pancake House Brunch

Lots of people loved our restaurant at home, so thought I would share another way we used our menu templates that were designed by Liz Smith Illustration. If you would like to have a go at making your own restaurant, you can download the menu templates below:

Menu Pack - Colour
Download PDF • 1.58MB

We decided to have a pancake brunch on Sunday. We printed the diner templates and Sophie chose some different toppings to add to the menu.

Benji helped me to cook while Sophie went and took everyone's orders. This was a great way to practice writing because it was purposeful and she didn't feel like she was doing 'school work'. The idea behind the menu templates is to make the weekends more weekend like. So if your child doesn't want to write, you can fill the menus in.

Once she had taken the orders and the pancakes were cooked, Sophie decided to be the chef. She read her orders and added everyone's toppings. This ticked off our reading for the day!

We made a double batch and froze some pancakes so we have a pancake brunch ready to go for next week too!

If you share any photos on social media, I would love to see them. Tag @miniwritersclub and @lizsmith.illustration



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