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What are High-Frequency Words and Tricky Words?

What are high-frequency words?

These are the words which occur most often in a text. We want children to recognise them by sight to help them read more fluently.

Some of the high-frequency words are decodable. This means your child can have a go at sounding them out e.g. g-e-t, get. These flashcards have a stripe along the bottom to show that they can be sounded out.

What are tricky words?

Some of the high-frequency words are called tricky words because they are tricky to decode.  This is either because they are phonetically irregular or contain a sound your child hasn’t been taught yet.

The tricky word cards have a solid background.

The packs also include a second tricky word card which shows which part of the word is tricky. The tricky part is written in white with a heart above to show this is the part that needs to be learnt off by heart.


The Reception Phase 2 - 4 pack contains high-frequency, tricky word cards and heart words to help your child identify the tricky part which they need to learn by heart.

The Year 1 5b pack includes the Phase 5 high-frequency (decodable) words.


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