ur - what’s in your purse?

Updated: May 5, 2020

This Phase 3 phoneme is a digraph, where the two letters make one sound.

Example words: fur, burn, burp, curl, hurt, surf, turn, turnip and curds.

Before I sat down with Sophie, I downloaded a Twinkl phonics power point and grabbed my purse. I also cut out some coin shapes and wrote 'ur' words on them. Twinkl is a website that contains resources for teachers and parents and is currently free if you use the code UKTWINKLHELPS. I used the 'ur' powerpoint to teach Sophie the sound.

Twinkl have made power points for each of the different phonemes and they used a colour code system. The adult reads the words in black and the children help to read the other words. Words in red are tricky words and cannot be sounded out whereas the words in purple contain the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes and can be sounded out. We read through the power point together and completed the activities on the computer.


I showed Sophie my purse and we segmented the word (p-ur-se). Then I asked Sophie to pick the coins out of my purse and sound out what was written on each one.


I asked Sophie to choose one of the words and put it into a sentence. We did this orally at first, counting the number of words in the sentence. I asked Sophie to write the sentence down. You can support your child by getting them to say the repeat the sentence to work out which words goes next. Sometimes their words won't be spelled correctly but they should try to write down the sounds they can hear e.g. bord for board because they have learnt the or sound.

The children in my class are all at different stages. Some find it difficult to hold their pencil and use magnetic letters to practice spellings during phonics, some children are only just beginning to segment (sound out to spell) and attempt to write words and other children can confidently write a sentence. Try to pitch the writing section to match your child and don't be afraid to stop if they don't want to write. During the school closures, anything you do is a bonus! If it's causing tears or distress, call it a day!

I thought that I would also try to show what I do with my 2 year old when I do Phonics with Sophie as I know lots of you will be juggling younger siblings. I make sure to double up on resources in case he wants to sit with us. For most of this activity he sat and played with his train set and ignored us though!

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media tag @miniwritersclub and I will share them on my IG.


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