w - walking on webs

Updated: May 5, 2020

Before starting this activity create a spiders web on the floor using masking tape if you are playing inside or chalk if you play outside. Place some magnetic letters along the lines of the web (w, i, n, a, g, e, b, x).

Revisit the phase 2 sounds using the orange flashcards. You could also used Flashcards Time Challenge on Phonics Play. Take it in turns to read the sounds and see who remembers the most in one minute. They are the winner.

Introduce the w sound and segment the word winner e.g. w-i-n-n-er. Sing Incy Wincy Spider. Did they hear any words that start with w?


Write a word beginning with w on a whiteboard/piece of paper and ask your child to read it. Encourage them to say the sounds then blend them together to read e.g. w-e-b, web.


Hide the word then ask them to walk along the web and collect the letters needed to spell your word. They should try to balance on the web as they walk. This will help to develop their gross motor skills which helps with handwriting. Once they have collected the letters check to see if their word looks the same as yours.

Repeat with: win, wag, web, wig, wax.

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media please tag @miniwritersclub because I would love to see.


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