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Flashcards are posted on Mondays and Tuesdays. This set of flashcards follows the Government phonics programme 'Letters and Sounds' and contains all of the sounds and high frequency words that are taught during Year 1.Contains: Phase 5 - Mustard 16 decobable high frequency words 9 tricky words that cannot be sounded out Phase 5a - Coral 19 cards - same sound, different spellingThese cards teach children new ways the sounds they already know from Phases 2 and 3 might be written down e.g. ai (Phase 3) and ay (Phase 5) Phase 5b - Mint 15 cards - same spelling, different soundThese cards help children to learn that sounds can be pronounced in different ways e.g. the ea in eat and bread. Phase 5c - Navy 73 sound cardsThese cards are used to teach children that there are alternative ways to spell sounds. Card size - approx 56mm x 87mm

Phase 5/Year 1 Phonics Flashcards


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