Summer Camp

Summer Camp is designed to support children who are starting school.

There is no expectation that children should be introduced to letters or know them before they start school. Each Summer Camp session is based upon one of the Phase 2 sounds but the focus is on developing pre-reading and pre-writing skills. 

The activities will focus on Phase One phonics which is really important and lays the foundations for Phases 2-4 which are taught in Reception. Children who can hear letter sounds, blend them together and sound words out accurately are well placed to make a good start in reading and writing.

Summer Camp is made up of five sets of activities. In each set the children will be introduced to five letter sounds and they will begin to explore letter formation thoughplay. The activities are designed to develop their understanding of initial sounds, alliteration, rhyming words, oral blending and segmenting, pre-writing skills and so much more!


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