The Space Box

When you order a Mini Writers Club box you can enter your child's name so that it comes addressed to them. 

The first box contain a backpack poster. 

Each box has a different theme and comes with a collectible sticker to add to the backpack.

The box contains instruction guides which

explain what to do and how the activity supports and develops pre-writing skills. 


The box contains activities, crafts, games and the resources needed for them. 


  The Space Box contains:

  • Instructions and activity guides for adults

  • Torn Paper Planets - black card and blue and green patterned paper

  • Threading activity - threading card and lace

  • Constellation activity - black card, gold star stickers and chalk

  • Moon dust mark making - black sand, silver glitter, silver card and glow in the dark stars

  • Rocket Glider - Colour your own glider kit and wax crayons

  • Cardboard box craft challenge


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