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Summer Camp

From Nursery to Reception

A summer full of games and activities to get your child ready to read and write - even if they show no interest in writing!

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Do you want to help prepare your child for school but don't know where to start?

There is no expectation that children should recognise the letters of the alphabet before they start school. That is why each of the activities in Summer Camp is based on one of the Phase 2 sounds with the focus being on developing pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

The activities contain step-by-step instructions and explain what skills your child will be developing. They are all designed to develop the skills needed to make it easier for your child to learn to read and write during their first year at school

Why did you create Summer Camp?

Last summer, my youngest child was about to start school. Having taught Reception I knew what he needed he would be learning when he started school and I wanted to make sure he was ready, especially as he is summer born.

He had no interest in picking up a pencil so I planned games and activities to get his hands ready for writing. He didn't know any letters, so I introduced them through play and focused on listening skills that would help him when he started to learn phonics.

He loved the summer camp activities and didn't even realise he was learning. We are now at the end of his first year of school and he can read and write - and he's still not 5! 

Summer Camp has been enjoyed by lots of children and used by other Reception teachers with their own children. 


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What is included?

Summer Camp contains 3 activities for each of the Phase 2 sounds. 

Activity 1 - see it, hear it

Introduce your child to the letter sound through play. 

Activity 2 - write it

As we introduce letters, it is important to focus on the correct formation as it will help with legibility and speed later on. It is much easier to teach the correct formation from the start than to try to undo incorrect letter formation later on. When children start school, their hands may not be ready to begin writing with a pencil so the letter formation activities included in Summer Camp are done through play. The activities introduce the correct letter formation and also help to develop the pre-writing skills required to hold a pencil. 

Activity 3 - letters through play

The third activity is designed to support pre-reading and pre-writing skills. The activities will focus on phase one phonics, and lays the foundations for Phases 2-4 which are taught in Reception. If your child can hear letter sounds, blend them together and sound words out accurately they will be well placed to make a good start in reading and writing.


All of the activities are available on the website or the app. On the app, you can mark when you have done an activity so you can keep track and see easily find ones you haven't tried. You can work through the activities at your own pace.

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I'm Anna and I have a degree in Primary Education and 15 years of teaching experience. During lockdown, I became a teacher to my own two children and shared the learning we did together on my Instagram account which has grown to over 49K followers.

I set up Mini Writers Club to share activities, tips and resources to help you support your child at home with phonics, reading and writing.

When I'm not busy working on Mini Writers Club, you can find me outside doing some gardening or trying to hula hoop (unsuccessfully).

About Me

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