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Flashcards or Counters

When I started to play times tables games with my children, I just grabbed some double-sided counters and wrote on them with Sharpie pens. I am going to show you a few different ways to make times tables resources that you can use with the games in the Times Tables Club.


I have made some times table flashcards which you can print if you have access to a printer. They are set out on the page so that you can print them double-sided to create flip-over flashcards. One side has the number you are multiplying by (1-12) and the other side has the answer (this is called the product) e.g. one side says 7 with a number sentences below 7 x 2 = and if you flip it over it tells you the answer which is 14. You can flip them the opposite way to help with division.

To create the double-sided flashcards, select print on both sides (long edge binding) then cut around each card leaving a border. Alternatively, you can turn the paper over and put it back into the printer manually. I recommend printing on thick paper or thin card so the numbers don’t show through on the other side. You can also cut the flashcards out and stick the matching pairs onto cardboard (you could use a cereal box).


I used double-sided counters to create a set of times table facts. This set is for the 5 times table. I wrote the number we are multiplying on one side (1-12) and the product (the number multiplied by 5) on the other side e.g. 7 on one side and 35 (7x5) on the other side.

You can order sets of blank double-sided counters via the website.

DIY Counters

You can create your own set of times table counters using cardboard and felt tips. Draw around a circle and cut it out. Repeat so you have 12 circles.

Write a number on each counter so you have 1-12. Colour the other side of the counter and write the answer e.g. If you have written 2 on the plain side write the answer to 2 x your multiple on the other side. This set is for the two times table so I have written 20.

Repeat so you have a full set of counters from 1-12 with the answer on the other side.

If you want to create a set for another times table you could use a different coloured pen to colour the circles.

You can use the flashcards or counters to play some of the games found in the Times Tables Club.


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