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Initial Letter Stencils - Writing

Children often learn their initial letter and recognise everywhere around them. So when they are ready to write, it will build their confidence if they can write the initial letter to begin with. We focuses on the B and then worked on the other letters once he was confident with writing it.

I modelled how to write a B and would draw a line and add two circles. He was starting to write! I praised him and made a fuss but I really wanted to encourage him to use the correct letter formation. So I created this stencil using cardboard.

I taped it to the lid from our Phonics Box. I added a green dot to show him where to start the letter. He used our chalky pastels to write the letter.

As he wrote we talked about the direction of the letter. He used lots of different colours and when we lifted the cardboard off he was amazed to see his rainbow initial. He then had a go at writing the letter with out the stencil.

We used the stencil again another day. This time I filled the phonics box lid with sand and placed the stencil on top. When he had a go at writing the letter without the stencil, he did two circles again. So I added a red dot. This was to remind him to stop drawing the bump and to start a new one. It really helped him to get the hang of writing the letter.

Another way we used the stencil was by taping it to his LCD tablet. He wrote with the stylus. These writing tablets are great because you press the button to make their writing disappear and then they can write or draw a new picture.

You could use the stencil in lots of different ways.

  • Place paper over the top and do a wax rubbing.

  • Tape it to a window and use dry wipe pens.

  • Place it on someone's back and trace with your finger.

  • Place it on a paving slap and use chalk.

  • Put it on top of a tray of sequins and trace using your finger.

There are lots of fun ways to practise letter formation in the Summer Camp membership area. As we introduce letters, it is important to focus on the correct formation as it will help with legibility and speed later on. It is much easier to teach the correct formation from the start than to try to undo incorrect letter formation. When children start school, their hands often aren't ready to begin writing with a pencil so the letter formation activities included in Summer Camp are done through play. There are lots of activities designed to introduce the correct letter formation and also help to develop the pre-writing skills required to hold a pencil.

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media please tag @miniwritersclub.



These were gifted to me by Nexus. They are really lovely. They can be used on chalkboards, whiteboards, windows, paper, cardboard, wood and metal and wiped off with a damp cloth. They chalk pastels are refillable.

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