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Lego Letters

Lego is not only a fun toy that helps to develop fine motor skills, but it can also be used as a tool to help children practice letter formation.

You will need some playdough, a rolling pin and some Lego bricks. The longer pieces work well when creating zig-zags.

Roll the playdough out using a rolling pin to create a flat surface then press the Lego into the playdough.

Begin by making zig-zag patterns. Carefully lift the Lego bricks off the surface to reveal the imprint of the brick which your child can trace with their fingers.

Then use the Lego shapes to create the zig-zag family letters e.g. k, v, w, x and z. After tracing the letters using their fingers, your child could practice writing the letter on paper, using the Lego imprint as a guide.

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media I would love to see them. Please tag @miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on. Feel free to share your pictures in the Facebook group.



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