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ng - three ways to play phonics biNGo

Phase 3 - ng

The activities and games in this blog post can be adapted and used with any sound that your child is learning. Phase 3 sounds and words can be found on the sounds page.

I have found that my daughter engages better when I make something into a game. If I join in and play too, she is up for the challenge of beating me! It seems to be the most successful way to get any reading or writing done in our house during lockdown.

I played blending bingo during my live phonics session on the Dadsnet Facebook page and it was a big hit. I had lots of messages to say that children continued to play after the live finished. So I thought I would share some other versions of phonics bingo and a couple of different ways to present the game to help keep them interested.

Revisit and Review

Sound Bingo - Phase 3 sounds

I divided two whiteboards into four sections. If you don't have a whiteboard you can use paper or cardboard from the recycling pile. I spread out some of the Phase 3 flashcards and we both chose four to write on our boards. You could also play with high frequency words or tricky words.

Then we shuffled the pile of cards. Sophie was the bingo caller, turning the cards one at a time and calling out the sounds. If we had the sound on our board we drew a circle around it. The winner was the first person to circle all of their sounds. I only chose 4 sounds to keep the game short and quick. The purpose was to revisit sounds she already knew. We said them as we were choosing them, she read them while she was the bingo caller and she recognised them on her board. It was a fun was to use the flashcards to revisit the sounds.


Blending Bingo - Phase 3 words has a brilliant game called Blending Bingo. You can download and print off a free set of bingo cards for each game. If you don't have a printer, you can write the bingo sheet onto a piece of paper instead. They have different versions so you can pick whichever sound you are working on.

You pull the lever to generate a word. Ask your child to blend the sounds and read the word. If they have the word on their card they can dab it with a bingo marker or tick it with a pen. The first person to tick off all the words is the winner.

As you play, encourage your child to read the words they are waiting for. The letters on the game appear in a random order so you can also try to guess if it's going to be a word you are waiting for e.g. it has a w, it could be wing.

Blending bingo is a great way to get children reading without them even realising! I could have just held up words one at a time and asked her to read them, but I wouldn't have got the same level of enthusiasm and the smiles.


Segmenting Bingo - Phase 3 words

I wrote six words containing the ng sound on pieces of paper. Then I created a grid with the letters needed to spell three of the words. I put them into our dry wipe pockets.

I shuffled the words cards up and put them in a pile. I turned them over one at a time and read the word as I showed it to Sophie. Then I placed it face down. We raced to see who could write the word on their pocket the quickest. This is a good opportunity to model how to sound out if your child needs support e.g. wing, w-i-ng.

Then we circled any of the sounds from the word that were on our board. The first person to circle them all was the winner. I used our clear pockets to put the bingo boards in so we could swap boards and play again. Sophie also prefers to write with a dry wipe pen because she likes to rub it out if she makes a mistake. You could also play this game on paper or a dry wipe board.

Sophie saw me setting up these games and willingly turned the TV off to come and play! That's a win for me! This would also be a great game for playing with friends and family via Zoom.

If you have a go at any of these activities and share any photos on social media I would love to photos of them in action. Please tag @miniwritersclub and use #miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on.


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