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Pre-Reading Club: Blending Syllables - The Monster Mash

If your child finds it tricky to blending sounds to read words, have a go at blending syllables. Start with compound words (two words that make a new word when put together) then try 2 syllable words.

Listen to the Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers and Bobby Pickett. Teach your child some hand jive actions and have a dance to the song together.

  • Pat your thighs and clap your hands.

  • Crisscross your hands.

  • Make your hands into fists.

  • Give a thumbs-up sign.

Do the hand jive during the chorus and freestyle in between!

Pick one of the words from the list below. Repeat the word and do one of the hand jive actions as break the word into syllables. For example, repeat graveyard and break it into grave/yard as you tap your knees for each syllable. You could to the song listen again and do the hand jive during the chorus and use just one action to count the syllables while the verse is playing.

Here are some words from the song that you could use.

Compound words (two words that make a new word when put together):



1 syllable words:




2 syllable words:





Once children can identify syllables, we can get them to try blending 2 syllables to make a word. This is great practise for reading, where they will need to sound out letters, then blend the sounds to read a word.

Continue to play but this time start by tapping the two-syllables using one of the hand jive movements. Then blend them together to make a word. Begin with compound words as they are easier to blend back together then move on to 2 syllable words. For example, say broom then stick as you cross your hands. Then say broomstick.

Compound words:




2 syllable words:



3 syllable words:



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