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Duplo Race - Names (Spelling)

This game is a really fun and active way to practise spelling names. Benji raced against his sister to see who could make their name first.

I placed Duplo pieces on a base board and used a chalk pastel to write their names, putting one letter on each piece. Alternatively, you could write on the Duplo with a dry wipe pen, or write each letter on masking tape and stick it on. I also made a name card to support Benji.

Set up a race by placing the Duplo base board and the name card at one end and the Duplo pieces at the other end. Sophie and Benji chose to race on their scooters but you could run, skip, hop, jump etc.

The first letter they should bring back will be their initial letter. Then they should continue to race, bringing the letters back in the correct order. This will help them to learn the order of the letters for when they are ready to write their name.

I gave Benji a name card so that he could work out which letter he needed to fetch next. He loved this activity and was so proud when he made his whole name.



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