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Pre-writers Club: Foam Pumpkins

What you need:

  • craft foam and scissors

  • paintbrush and water

What to do:

Cut a pumpkin shape and eyes, noses and mouths out of foam.

Create your own Jack O’Lantern using the foam shapes. Use a paintbrush to paint a window with water. If you don’t have a paintbrush you can wipe the window with a wet cloth. Press the pumpkin shape against the window. The water will make it cling. Then use water to stick the foam shapes to the pumpkin to create a face.

You could also use the foam pumpkin shapes in the bath or shower and stick them to the tiles.


Working on a vertical surface, such as a window or a tiled wall, makes it easier for children to see what they are doing because their hands are right in front of them. This will help them to co-ordinate their hand and eye movements. It also helps to strengthen their arms and wrists.

Core Strength and Posture – Children will be strengthening their core muscles by kneeling or standing when working at a vertical surface. They can’t slump or lean against a chair which means they use their core and back muscles to maintain an upright posture which will prepare them for writing on a horizontal surface.

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