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Pre-writers Club: Witch's Hat Recipe

You will need:

Ice Cream Cones



Cake sprinkles

What to do:

1. Melt the chocolate.

2. Dip the ice cream cone in the melted chocolate then place it on top of a biscuit. Spread some chocolate around the join.

3. Decorate the “hats” using the sprinkles.


Strengthening Wrists – Stirring the chocolate will strengthen their wrists, ready for when they need to be able to manipulate a pencil.

Pincer Grip – Your child will use their thumb and finger to pick up the cake sprinkles. This skill will be used later on to hold a pencil properly.

Hand-eye Co-ordination – Positioning the sprinkles on the cone develops the skills needed for children to be able to use their eyes to guide their hand when forming letters.


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