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Halloween Snacks

Here are a few Halloween-themed snacks that your child can help to make. The activities help to develop pre-writing skills.

Halloween Bark

Melt chocolate and spread it out onto some greaseproof paper. Sprinkle some cake decorations on top. Leave the chocolate to set in the fridge then chop it up to serve.

Cookie Cutter Snacks

Create a Halloween-themed lunch by cutting out sandwiches using Halloween-themed cookie cutters or by using them to serve snacks in. Create mini pumpkins by adding chocolate chip eyes, noses and mouths to oranges. Use apple slices, peanut butter/chocolate spread and mini marshmallows to create teeth.

Rice Crispy Cakes

Stir rice crispies into melted chocolate. Put spoonfuls of the mixture into cake cases then decorate with Halloween-themed cake sprinkles and edible eyes.


Strengthening Wrists – Stirring the chocolate will strengthen their wrists, ready for when they need to be able to manipulate a pencil.

Pincer Grip – Encourage your child to use their thumb and finger to pick up the cake sprinkles. This skill will be used later on to hold a pencil properly.

Hand-eye Co-ordination – Positioning the eyes and sprinkles, develops the skills needed for children to be able to use their eyes to guide their hand when forming letters.


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