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Halloween Invitations to Mark Make, Draw or Write

Here are some activities to get your child drawing and writing over half term.

Draw/write on a large surface!

You could use chalk pens to decorate windows. You could draw spider webs, ghosts, bats etc.

I put our oilcloth chalkboard tablecloth on the table with some chalk pens so they had a large area to draw on. The chalk pens wipe off really easily with a damp cloth. I love the absorbent sph2onge ones which work really well because they wipe away the chalk without leaving the tablecloth wet.

We also made a list of Halloween-themed activities that we wanted to do over half term.

I used the tablecloth for meal times and they loved making place settings for their plates and bowls like this witch cereal bowl!

Draw/write on a pumpkin!

My children have loved using chalk pens to draw on pumpkins. This is one of the activities from my Halloween Half Term Phonics Games pack. They rub off well using the sponge cloth so your child can draw a new design. We decorated them for a few days before we carved them.

We have some invisible ink pens that have UV torches in the lid and we discovered that the chalk glows in the dark when you shine the UV torch on it.

Draw/write in the dark!

I bought this glow in the dark ghost from Asda. It can be used with dry wipes pens as a dry wipe board but we also discovered a really fun way to mark make! We turned off the lights and used the UV torch in the pen lid to create patterns. These faded quite quickly so they were able to draw more marks and patterns.

I can't find them on the website this year but you could use UV invisible ink pens to draw on ghost shapes cut out of paper instead.

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