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Holiday at Home - Premier Inn Breakfast Buffet

We always book the breakfast buffet for our last morning at the Premier Inn so we had to recreate it as part of our holiday at home. We decided to just do the Continental breakfast because a Full English breakfast buffet isn't quite the same when you have to cook it yourself!

Once they had fallen asleep I set up the breakfast buffet downstairs but put out the food and drinks in the morning. I used our play shop to set up the cereal buffet. I put plates, bowls, glasses, napkins and cutlery on the shelves. I bought mini boxes of cereal and put some milk in a jug so they could help themselves. I also bought yoghurts and put out bowls of fruit and some apple juice in a jar.

I set up another area with the coffee machine and toaster. I put muffins, bread and pancakes into a basket so that people could help themselves. We bought frozen pastries from the supermarket and cooked them so they were lovely and warm.

Sophie and Benji absolutely loved helping themselves to breakfast. Having the toaster in the dining room was such a novelty! We had way too much food but we put it into Tupperware boxes and ate it over the next couple of days.

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