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Pre-writers Club: Magic Potions

What to do:

1. Fill a container with water. Use the pipette to transfer some of the water to the cauldron until it is half full. If you don't have pipettes you could use a spoon or a Calpol syringe. If you don't have cauldrons you could use small bowls or cups.

2. Add 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda to the cauldron and stir it. You could use a twig to stir the potion and pretend that it is a magic wand.

3. Pour the vinegar into a bowl and use the pipette to add it to the cauldron.

4. The mixture will begin to fizz and bubble!


Fine Motor Strength - Using pipettes is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills, which help to get their hands ready to hold a pencil. At first, your child might hold the pipette with their entire hand. Once they get the hang of it they should use their fingers to pinch the top and work out when to squeeze and release the water.

Top tips:

  • Place the cauldron on a tray to catch any spills!

  • You can also mix in food colouring and glitter before adding the bicarbonate of soda to create colourful potions.

  • Add washing-up liquid before the bicarbonate of soda to make the bubbles last longer.

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