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t - travelling teddy

Phase 2 - s, a, t

HFW: a, as, at

This activity is a great way to get children to think about the initial sounds in words. If they can hear the initial sound it will help them when they begin to blend sounds for reading.

Start by choosing a favourite teddy, a suitcase/bag and some objects to pack. Include some objects that begin with t (e.g. toothbrush, torch, toy train) and some that don't!

Hear it and say it

Show your child the t flashcard and tell them it is Teddy's train ticket. Can they hear the sound at the start of ticket? Can they hear it in any other words? (teddy and train). Look at the ticket to see how we write the sound.

Initial Sounds

Tell your child that Teddy is going travelling and he needs some help to pack his suitcase because he only wants to pack things that begin with t!

I asked my daughter what purse sounded with and she said 'p'. She decided that Teddy did need a purse because he would need money while he was away. If your child wants to pack all of the items that's fine! The purpose of the activity is to encourage your child to listen and hear the initial sound in the words while you are playing so just focus on the initial sounds rather than whether to pack them or not.


Find the flashcards with the letter to match the objects that don't start with t.




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