Phase 4 - CCVC words

A CCVC word is made from a consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant.

Children often find it tricky when two consonants that are next to each other. So they might say fog for frog. So this stage of phonics is really important.

When children move onto phase 4 they should be confident at blending CVC words so you can introduce CCVC words by using CVC words that can be extended by adding a consonant to the start. ⁣

Make a phoneme frame from cardboard to show that the word has 4 sounds but only put the last 3 sounds into the phoneme frame to make the word top.⁣

Then put s into the first box and sound out s-p-o-t, spot. ⁣

Repeat this with other words such as:

stop (s/top), spot (s/pot), speck (s/peck), trip (t/rip), track (t-rack), spin (s/pin), grip (g/rip), twin (t/win), gran (g/ran).

If your child is confident with this, you could say the CCVC word and ask them to pick the sound to put in the first box. ⁣

Once children are confident with extending CVC words to create CCVC words you can introduce word that don't have a CVC words in them e.g. frog.

I used magnetic letters and log slices to make stepping stones. You could write on milk bottle tops to make lily pads or use sound cards/pieces of paper with letters written on. Make a CCVC word and make the frog jump along the letters. As the frog lands on a stepping stone make the sound, then blend to read the word at the end.

CCVC words: frog, step, swim, drop, sniff, grab, plan, flag, glad.

If you have a go at this activity and share any photos on social media I would love to see photos of it in action. Please tag @miniwritersclub and use #miniwritersclub and let me know how you get on.


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