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Do you find it tricky to find time to fit everything in? I do! So I started to combine breakfast time with phonics practice and bronics was born! So I thought I would do a series of blog posts about the different games we have played.

The first game is really quick and it's a great way to revisit or review any sounds or words your child is finding tricky to remember. All you need to play is a pack of Phonics Flashcards.

How to play:

Pick two flashcards and show them to your child. Read the sounds/words together. Reading the sounds with them will help to remind them what the cards say.

Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table. Say one of the sounds/words and ask your child to pick which card they think it is.

Ask them to read the word/sound, helping them if they are unsure. If they guess correctly they keep the card. If they pick the wrong one, put it back in the pile.

Keep playing until the cards run out, replacing the card each time so there are always 2 cards to choose from.

We played this game using the Phase 3 tricky words but you could play this game with any sounds or words to help your child to recognise and read them.



Year 1:

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