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This book contains activities based on the Phase 2 sounds taught during Reception. Some letters of the alphabet are taught during Phase 3 (j, v, w, x, y, z). There is no expectation for your child to recognise or write letters before they start school. The Summer Camp activities focus on listening to the sound and developing pre-reading and pre-writing skills to help get your child ready to begin learning to read and write.


There are 3 activities for each of the Phase 2 sounds which develop the following skills:

Pre-Writing Skills - These activities help develop pencil grip and get your child's hands ready to write.

Letter Formation - Explore letter formation through play, thinking about where letters start and the direction we use to form them correctly. These pages contain a letter formation guide in the top corner.

Pre-Reading Skills - These activities develop the skills needed for reading. If your child can hear sounds, rhyming words and syllables, it will make learning to read easier.


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